Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Denise LaSalle - "Paper Thin"

This is one of the saddest and prettiest songs I've heard. This married girl is in a hotel room with another guy and her husband is in the room next door.  Kind of reminds you of Z.Z. Hill's "Cheatin' In The Next Room," doesn't it??  But her husband is with another woman because she doesn't love him anymore and he knows that she's messing around with a guy named Joe. You get the feeling that he is tired of being lonely and hurt.  He even says that he's going to go out and find somebody so he can get what his wife is giving away. I think he needed someone to help ease his pain.  The saddest line to me is when he lets his girlfriend know that he won't even miss his wife as long as she keeps loving him.  Sometimes we don't realize what we've done or what we've lost until it's too late. Wake up if this song applies to you!

"Paper Thin" is taken from Denise's 1990 "Still Trapped" album.  Here are the lyrics:

I woke up crying to voices soft and low 
And the sound of sweet love making coming from the room next door  
I heard him say, baby, I ain't felt so good in such a long, long time  
You see I've been having this problem with that unfaithful wife of mine 

You see the walls were paper thin in the motel that I was in 
And suddenly an old familiar sound turned my world upside down   

I heard him say now I know I'm a good man 
But my wife acts like she wants to be free, well 
I had a feeling she was loving somebody 
Cause she sho ain't been giving it to me
And then I heard him say life is much too short to worry
So I made up my mind today to go out and find myself somebody
So I can get what she's been giving away


I heard him say, slow down and take your time 
We don't have to hurry, tonight is yours and mine
You see my wife don't love me no more
She's out right now with a guy named Joe
That's when I knew why I was crying
You see I heard my husband say
That's alright, I won't even miss her as long as you keep loving me this way


The chorus is beautiful!
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