Saturday, July 15, 2017

Miss Lady Blues - "Beat Beat"

This is a story about a lady who falls in love with a guy half her age. She said that she never thought a young man could teach her anything when it came to love.  He treats her right, wants to be good to her, and gives her much respect - this guy seems to be everything a woman could want.  Hey, I want him! lol  Miss Lady Blues is awesome!!!

Girl I can't explain, something about his name, makes my heart go beat beat.

Here's the chorus:
The mention of his name turns the flicker into a flame
That makes my heart go beat beat, sho nuff good to me
Feel it in my toes, makes me want to lose control
Makes my heart go beat beat
That's the man for me!

Got it jumping, heart is thumping!!
Southern Soul Paradise
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