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Jureesa McBride - The Soulful Superstar: The Woman Behind The Music

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Jureesa McBride has the voice of an angel.  I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with the very talented Jureesa and I can tell you that not only does she have a beautiful voice, she also has a kind, good, caring heart.  I’ve learned a few things about this wonderful artist and would like to share them with you.  By the time you finish reading this, you’ll know a little about the woman behind the music.

Jureesa was born in Port Gibson/Pattison, Mississippi, and grew up listening to a variety of music.   Her bio says that she listened to music on an eight-track player while her dad fumbled around under the hood of his old car.  Now that is old school!!  Ms. McBride was an artist at an early age and started writing poetry, singing her own penned songs, and acting in a children’s theater when she was only nine years old.  What were you doing at nine?  Let’s see, I think the only things I had on my mind were dolls, skating, and more dolls. lol

Jureesa has only been singing professionally about five years but she has had a passion for music as long as she can remember.  And this Mississippi girl can sing!  She originally blew me away with Super Mistress and Karma (She’ll Take Care of You) and her “Call Me Crazy” single is excellent and playing all over the world (including the U.K. and South Africa).
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Jureesa says that she loves the soul of the music and the way that blues tells a story.  And stories, most definitely, are in southern soul music!  She’s been nominated for several music awards and has won a few but she says that she finds joy in touching others through her stories.  And to me, that is real success. When the words you sing, the words you write, or the music you play touches someone, then you’ve done your job.  That’s what true artists do! 

What you may not know about Jureesa is that she is so much more than a singer or performer; she’s an advocate for domestic violence.  She wants to teach young people about loving themselves and leave a legacy one day far beyond the reach of her children.  She also wants to show others that it’s ok to be different from everyone else, especially in the field of music.  I am always impressed with those who truly want to give back to others and make this world a better place.   

She has two albums – “Woman First (Tales From The Duchess)” and “Personal Love Vendetta.”  Check out the awesome video below for her “Call Me Crazy” single!    

Buy her CDs and check out her website at

As you can see below, I’ve been writing about Jureesa McBride for awhile now.  I love her music!!
Super Mistress

Karma (She’ll Take Care of You)

Single Husband

Call Me Crazy

World, stay tuned for more music coming in the future from this wonderful superstar, Jureesa McBride!!💕

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