Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ronnie Lovejoy - Sho Wasn't Me

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and this song is solid proof of that.  It has been remade by so many.  Not only that, how many times have you used the line, "If you didn't come up and touch me, then it sho wasn't me!"  Ronnie Lovejoy says it's all just a case of mistaken identity.  He tells his wife that he could give an alibi but he knows she's just going to call him a liar.  He starts the song like this:
You say your sister saw me
Coming out the Holiday Inn
And the woman that I was with
Used to be your best friend
Well she must need glasses
Because that sho wasn’t me
Your sister's got a bad case
Of mistaken identity...

Hmmm.  Ladies, you know you trust your sister.  :)  And then he starts talking and he's making a good point and you start believing him:
I’ve been accused, oh so many times
All these women you’re giving me, they can’t all be mine
Say their husbands are coming in the front door and I’m running out the back
It couldn’t be me cause I wasn’t raised like that.
These women are jealous, lying about the things I do
And even the fellows, they’re lying on me, too
They’ll do me wrong at the drop of a hat
Well all I’ve got to say is this about that!

But, it always goes back to these two verses:
If you didn’t see my face, then I sho wasn’t there
You can say all you want about me, go on baby, I don’t care
You can put me anywhere, anywhere you want me to be
But if you didn’t come up and touch me,
Then it sho wasn’t me.

You didn’t find my drawers beside nobody’s bed
You didn’t find my hat, I still got my hat on my head
You say you saw somebody who looked exactly like me
If you didn’t come up and touch me, then it sho wasn’t me.

This is wonderful southern soul from the late, great, legendary Ronnie Lovejoy.
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