Monday, May 30, 2011

Kenne' Wayne - A&B Conversation

I love a song that sparks a good debate! This song starts with the ringing of the telephone - the other woman is calling to talk to Kenne'.  Already you know there's going to be a problem.  His wife answers and it’s all downhill from there.  I never quite understand why the other woman has to call the wife.  Seems like the guy should take care of business and do the right thing.  But, I digress... the other woman tells the wife that she's the woman he runs to when he makes his late night creep...that is so wrong.  The wife tries to get Kenne' to come to the phone so he can straighten things out.  But, this is what he says:
It’s an A&B conversation
And I’m going to C my way out of it
It’s an A&B conversation
And that excludes me.

Come on Kenne', you can do better than that.  Now, the girlfriend knows where everything is around the house, his birthmark, etc. He still denies it all and says that the girl may have been in the house but you know that didn’t mean that he opened the door. What????  I know you've got a better lie than that one!!!  Ladies, would you believe that one?  His wife says:

Well Kenne', I love you, I ain’t accusing you of doing no wrong
But I’m starting to get suspicious because you refuse to come and answer this phone.

And then Kenne' says:
Woman, woman, I’m not trying to run away,
But I’m as innocent as can be
And what ya’ll talking about on that phone
Ain’t got a damn thing to do with me
So hang it up, hang it up.

Oh, my brother, you're in hot water.  I could keep talking forever about this record.  I love it!!  In spite of Kenne's denial, this song has a very pretty melody and Charlene Howard's voice is absolutely beautiful.  This is on my list of classics.

Southern Soul Paradise