Sunday, July 17, 2011

McKinley Mitchell - "The End of the Rainbow"

This is one of the most beautiful but depressing songs I've ever heard.  This man went through some things!  He went running to the end of the rainbow in search of a treasure but found nothing but heartaches and trouble and now he's about to lose his mind!  And then it gets worse because his friends evidently left him hanging.  His heart was in so much pain that he was blind and couldn't even remember his own name.  That is messed up!   He decides to give it all up and go back home and start all over again.  McKinley sings this song with so much passion and you can hear the pain in his voice.  Awesome.  My heart goes out to this man and I just love, love this song. 
I went running to the end of a rainbow
Looking for a treasure they said I would find
I found nothing but heartaches and trouble
And now I’m about to lose my mind
On the way, the load got heavy
And the burdens got hard to bear
None of my friends were there to help me
Left me standing in the middle of nowhere

With a heart full of pain I was lost
So blind, I couldn’t see a thing
I couldn’t even remember my name
They talked loud and clear
Every word my ears could here
And my heart was heavy, I couldn’t even move
I just stood there like a silly fool

I believe I’ll go back home
And start all over again
I left my rainbow behind me
Right where I, I began
Going, going, going, going home
I’m going home till the end of the rainbow
I’m going home
Going, going, going, going home
Lord, I’m going home, I think I’m gonna go back home
This is a classic!
Southern Soul Paradise