Friday, July 29, 2011

Ms. Pat Cooley - "Older Woman, Looking For A Younger Man"

What older woman doesn't want a mature, younger man, even for a little while?  Ms. Pat Cooley says what's in the hearts and minds of so many of us.  Denise LaSalle does a great version of this but I really like Ms. Pat's song.  Ms. Pat lets you know that just because we may have a few years on us, everything is working and we are better than we were 20 years ago. I love the line - just like a washing machine, we have different speeds.  Woohooo!  She says that when you're over 40, you can turn the whole place out!  That's what I'm talking about!!  Check out these words:

These young girls are whispering
In the grocery store
They say Ms. Pat ain’t got it no more
But they just don’t know I’m in the prime of my life
I’m so glad that I’m nobody’s wife!

I’m an older woman
I’m looking for a younger man
Don’t think I can’t work it
Cause I still can

I’m over 40
Still sexy as hell
Everything I’ve got
It’s still working real well
As a matter of fact if you really want to know
I can pop, lock it, and drop it
Better than 20 years ago

Cause I know just how to please a man
That’s something you young girls may not understand
I know how to give him everything he needs
Just like a washing machine
I got different speeds

The older woman's anthem!
Southern Soul Paradise