Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mel Waiters - "The Smaller The Club"

Have you ever seen Mel Waiters live?  The man can put on a show!!  I've seen him several times and he is a dynamic performer with a whole lot of energy - he can move!  All of his music is wonderful but this song holds a special place in my heart - it always puts me on the dance floor!

Johnny Taylor is still the favorite
And Bobby Bland is still the blues
Five dollars you’ve got to pay
Just a juke box and no dee jay

The smaller the club the bigger the party
Something about this room
The smaller the club the better the party
The dance floor where you can barely move

Waitress please clean my table
Beer cans everywhere
Music’s loud and everybody dancing
There’s a hell of a party up in here

You’ve got to stand in line to get a drink
You’ve got to wait outside just to get a peep
Everyone loves a smaller club
You might meet someone there and fall in love

A house party jam!
Southern Soul Paradise