Sunday, July 17, 2011

Johnnie Taylor/T.K. Soul - "Try Me Tonight"/"Try Me"

Johnnie Taylor's "Try Me Tonight" and T.K. Soul's "Try Me" are wonderful songs.  You can tell that T.K. Soul was definitely inspired by JT's music.  If you listen to the words, they're similar but the songs are very different - take a look at the words and listen below.  My favorite line in Johnnie Taylor's song is when he tells the girl to try him tonight because he's out of sight!   He was so cool!
Here are some of JT's words:
I can feel it, it’s the real thing, baby
I can feel it, it’s not just a one night stand
Why don’t you let yourself go girl
So the lovin’ you can flow girl
You say that it’s against your morals
You think you’d end up in sorrow
We’ve known each other for such a short time
But you’re afraid to trust me
So you have to draw the line
Why don’t you try me tonight girl
I swear I’m out of sight, girl
It’s alright, so let me love you tonight

Here are some of T.K. Soul's words:
I can feel it’s the real thing, yes, it is
I can feel girl this ain’t no one night stand
Why don’t you let yourself go
Go on and get with T.K. Soul
You say that you’ve got your morals
When it’s all over you don’t want to end up in sorrow
Girl, I’ve waited such a long, long time
You’re afraid to trust me,
Gotta make up your mind
You ought to try me, tonight
I’ll be a gentleman baby yeah
If you want me to just hold you tight
Try me tonight, it’s alright
Youtube has removed Johnnie Taylor's version, I'll replace
it as soon as I can.
Two great but different songs - enjoy!
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