Saturday, July 9, 2011

Karen Wolfe - "Man Enough"

If you're man enough to leave, then I'll be woman enough to let you go!  Woo hoo, sounds like the words of a woman who has had enough!  Karen Wolfe sings this women's anthem like she means it.  She says that she's never been the type of woman to hold a man where he doesn't want to be.  My favorite line is "...if you leave, then I ain't gonna die."  LOL "I deserve better!!"   She said, you can go if you want to, I'm not gonna try to stop you!  This is a nice, easy to sing along kind of song - I like it!!

You must have woke up from the wrong side of the bed today
Because you’ve been talkin to me any ole kind of way.
All of a sudden my eggs ain’t scrambled right
And everything I say starts a fight
You keep threatening to go and I don’t know why
But if you leave, I ain’t gonna die
Cause any man can pay a power bill
So go on where you’re going if that’s the way you feel.

Now, I’ve been washing clothes and raising your kids
And up until now I’ve been satisfied with this
But you’ve been creepin’ late at night
And I know she can’t make that cornbread like you like it.

I’ve never been the type of woman
To hold a man where he don’t want to be
Now, she can’t be giving you more than what you get from me

If you’re man enough to leave
Then I’ll be woman enough to let you go
You just want to run around in these streets
But I deserve better
I deserve better!

Southern Soul Paradise