Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Johnnie Taylor - "Running Out of Lies"

You know how hard it is to keep your stories, lines, and excuses straight.  After awhile, though, you start running out of lies.  Johnnie Taylor puts in words what a lot of people feel and go through.  He says that he's tired of lying, peeping and hiding in low class places.  He's tired of worrying whenever he comes home late with his girlfriend's lipstick traces.  It looks like stealing his girl's love is harder and harder and that the excuses he's been giving, just won't hold water.  He's running out of lies and it's getting hard to think of an alibi.  My favorite line is when he makes a deal with himself and says that if his conscience didn't bother him, he sure wouldn't bother his conscience.  I love it!

You know Johnnie Taylor is my number one artist and I love this song.  Check out some of the words:

I've got too many irons in the fire
I'm spreading myself a little too thin
Trying to do the job of too many men
You can rest assured my woman's no fool
She can tell just as good I’ve been loving you
Stealing your love is getting harder and harder
The excuse I've been giving it won't hold water
I'm running out of lies
Getting hard to think of an alibi
Running out of lies
Getting hard to think of an alibi...

I LOVE Johnnie Taylor!
Southern Soul Paradise