Monday, September 5, 2011

J. Blackfoot - "Mr. Bus Driver"

I saw J. Blackfoot perform live about two years ago - he sounds just like his records and puts on a fantastic show.  Remember when he was with the Soul Children?  "Mr. Bus Driver" reminds me a lot of his classic, back-in-the-day song, "Taxi."  I think he has such a sexy voice and this is just a really great song.  You can tell that this man is so tired of living the way he's been living and he's taken about all he can take.  It's not a good thing to get that tired.  No matter how much you love someone, you can't make that person love you.

Left the key on the table for the last time tonight
Left the car parked in the drive
Left a note on the mirror saying girl, I’m gone for good
Cause I’m tired of living this life
See I don‘t know where I’m headed
But I got to get the hell up out of here
I know time after time I said it
But this time let me make it perfectly clear
I ain’t taking nothing with me
Not even those memories
Let the past, be the past
There ain’t nothing left here for me

Mr. Bus Driver, just let me ride to the end of the line
You see, I still love her, but I ain’t going back this time

No more lying next to you, feeling all alone
Knowing what we should be doing
You already did before you got home
I’m tired of telling my friends
Everything at home is alright
And I’m tired of drinking myself to sleep
Night after night

But this time I don’t need no transfer
I don’t care where you’re going
Just a one-way ticket to anywhere
Will you please save a seat for me
My poor heart is tired of breaking
But this time I’ve got to go
So keep going straight ahead
Cause I ain’t coming back no more

Oh no, don’t stop here, I need to go further
This is the same spot I saw you with another
I don’t care where you take me
Just as long as you take me straight out of town
Just keep going straight ahead because I won’t be turning around
Southern Soul Paradise