Friday, September 2, 2011

Shirley Brown - "I Don't Wanna Leave"

I’m a Curtis Mayfield fan and I love “I Don’t Wanna Leave” which was made to the music of his song, "So In Love" (listen to it if you can, it is a beautiful record).  In this song, Shirley tells a story about her love for her man. They’ve been together for five years but they've had problems for the last two.  She can’t take it anymore and has come to the realization that she’s got to be real with herself. It’s great advice and although it might be hard, you have to do what you know is best for you. Like she says, she doesn’t want to leave, but she just can’t stay. Towards the end, however, you hear her trying to hold on as long as she can and tells him, with tears in her eyes, that he better show her love before it’s too late. You know we always try to keep hope alive.

I don’t wanna leave
But I can’t stay
I just can’t be a fool no more

I don’t wanna go, but
It ain’t no other way
I just can’t do it

See I done put up with a lot of things
From you cheating with other women
To you mistreating me
And I just want to know
What was all of that for baby
But I came to a conclusion
And I’ve got to be real with myself
No, it ain’t my goal to hurt you, baby
But I done made up my mind

Now see that’s five years I’ve been with you
But the last two years we had problems
You think you can do what you want to do, baby
And I’m supposed to understand
See, now I’ve got some sense about me
Not a fool no more
So you can cook your own dinner, baby
And you can wash your own clothes

See I can walk away and be alright with this
Cause my lovin’ I know you’re gonna miss
You think she’s what you want, baby
But I’m just what you need
So if you think I’m gonna be crying
I’m tired of your cheating and lying
What you give is what you get
You traded sugar for mess

Beautiful song, Shirley!
Southern Soul Paradise