Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tyrone Davis - "Carried Away"

Imagine a house party, blue lights in the basement, the pace slowing down a little bit, and Tyrone coming through the speakers with "Carried Away."  Oh yes!!!  This is another one of those songs that I played for hours when I was traveling up and down the road.  Twelve years later and my kids, who were young and trapped within the confines of the car, can still sing this song as well as I can! "Carried Away" is probably my most favorite Tyrone Davis song.  Now, I've got a lot of favorites of his, but this is awfully close to the top.  I LOVE this song and can still, easily, play it about ten times straight.  All Tyrone was trying to do was get home to his wife but he got distracted when their song came on the air.  Must have been some mighty good thoughts!!  Oh I just, baby, got carried away!!

Hey girl, now I know you’ve been waiting for me much too long
But I got caught up in traffic, one turn I made was wrong
You see the deejay on the radio was playing our song
And I was reminiscing of the day that past and gone
Oh I just, baby, I got carried away

And before I knew it
I was ten miles out of the way
My mind was filled with thoughts
Sweet thoughts of yesterday
Of the time when you took my hand
And made me feel just like a man
Of a time when you took a hold
And thrilled my very soul
Oh I just, baby, I got carried away

To 94, said the highway sign
I should be home by now
Home just in time
To lay her down to sleep
And pray the lord her soul to keep
Love oh love oh love

By the time I got started
In the right direction
The deejay on the radio
Was playing another selection
But our song was still on my mind
Memories lingered on, of how you have been so kind
Oh I just, baby, I got carried away

Thinking about the times when you were so good to me
Oh I just, baby, I got carried away, sweet baby
And before I knew it, I was ten miles out of the way
And I was wondering, would you believe me when I say
Oh I just...

What an awesome love song!
Southern Soul Paradise