Monday, September 5, 2011

O.B. Buchana - "Just Because He's Good To You"

There's a deep message in this O.B. Buchana song.  He's saying that love is so much deeper than material things.  Just because someone buys you pretty things, don't get it twisted with what love really is.  Don't make the mistake of throwing everything away for those tangible things.  Just because he's good to you doesn't mean he's good for you.  Amen brother.

You say you’re leaving
Because you found true love
And he’s coming in an hour, baby
To pick you up
You said I can never be yours
Because of the way he makes you feel
He buys you expensive jewelry and things
But that’s not real
I know you’re a woman
A woman with needs
But there’s more to love, baby
Than fancy clothes and things
Someone who looks good
May not be all they appear to be
But oh baby, I can’t believe
You’re gonna walk out on me
Just because he’s good to you
Doesn’t mean he’s good for you....
Southern Soul Paradise