Sunday, September 18, 2011

David Brinston - "Party Till The Lights Go Out"

"Party Till The Lights Go Out" is that song that's perfect for a house party and a night at the club!  I adore David Brinston and have been in love with him since "You're So Freak, Girl" (see my blog from March 6, 2011).  "Party Till The Lights Go Out" has a nice easy beat, clean and simple lyrics, and David Brinston's smoky sounding voice which gives this song that extra kick.  David says that having a party is a great way to relax and wrap up a tough week.  Everyone's getting their groove on!  His chorus says that we're gonna party till the lights go out because it's nothing but a party.  That's what I'm talking about!

It’s a party tonight
Everybody’s in the mood
People are everywhere
Drinking that gin and juice
And all the ladies looking good, yeah
With their new dresses on
Everybody dancing, oh yeah
They don’t want to go home

We're gonna party till the lights go out
Nothing but a party
We're gonna party till the lights go out
Nothing but a party

The clock is ticking (tick tock)
Baby its ticking fast
We’re having a good time, oh yeah
Tonight we’re gonna make it last
Get your groove on, baby, yeah
Like you never did before
But you can’t party sitting down, oh no
Gotta get down on the floor

It’s been a long week
It’s time to have some fun
Forget about your troubles
Let the party begun
You might be with someone’s woman
Or somebody’s man
We ain’t here to knock it
We just want to dance

Repeat chorus

We party so hard, yeah
All the smoke is in the air
And all the honeys looking good, oh yeah
And they are everywhere
You’ve got to get it while the getting is good, yeah
Because baby I’m gonna get mine
After a good party, party,
You feel better every time

Love you David!
Southern Soul Paradise