Thursday, October 27, 2011

Floyd Taylor - "I'm Bout It Bout It"

Floyd Taylor is a son of the legendary Johnnie Taylor and you can't ignore the fact that he sounds so much like his Dad.  "I'm Bout It Bout" It is from his "All Of Me" album and it has a catchy beat.  This song is being played heavily in the south and is well known by everyone.  That's because he's bout it bout it!!! The song below is a mix of the original and a remix by Simeo.  It's not my preferred version but I can't find the original - here are some of the words.

Girl if you love me, you’re safe from harm
Cause I’m bout it bout it
And when you’re ready for love
I’m always there, I’m willing and able
Name what you want me to do
Girl I discovered that you were rare
There’s no other like you
That’s why I put it down
So I can keep you around
Girl, let’s get this party started
You know what to do
I’ve been sippin on Bacardi making love to you

I’m bout it bout it
No doubt about it
I'm bout it bout it
Can I pop my collar now?
Southern Soul Paradise