Monday, October 3, 2011

Bigg Robb - "If I Get Drunk"

Bigg Robb sends a powerful message in this southern soul song. He tells the listeners not to drink and drive and if you see me drunk, be a friend and take my keys.  Those are wise words for everyone to follow and I love him for putting out a song with a great message, an awesome melody, and a make-you-want-to-move beat.  I first heard this song in a club and fell in love with it.  Everyone loves to go out and party but make sure you make arrangements ahead of time for a designated driver.  Then, party hard and have a great time!  Go'head Bigg Robb!!!  (You can put on a shirt, though.)

If I get drunk tonight
Somebody please, please, make sure I get home
If I get too tipsy
Somebody please, please, make sure I get home

Going down to the club
To have a real good time
And party all night long
Give me some juice ya’ll and some Tanqueray
And soon it will be on
The sound of music
Cause I wanna dance ya’ll
Get up do the electric slide
But if I start looking like I’m tore up, ya’ll
Somebody take my keys and please don’t let me drive

Now I need somebody to look out for me
Just like I would look out for you
Cause it ain’t no secret ya’ll
Of what I’m going to the club to do
And bartender, I’ll bet you’re ready
To serve it up all night long
And tell the dee jay
Put on Mel Waiters’ Got My Whiskey song
Cause I’ve come out to party and I’ve got my money
I’ve got my whiskey but if I get too tipsy
Somebody please, please, make sure I get home

Southern Soul Paradise