Saturday, October 29, 2011

Andre Lee - "One Night Stand"

She told me that I couldn't be her man and that all she was looking for was a one night stand.  Well....I guess sometimes that's all you want - forget a relationship and just take care of thangs.  I'm a romantic at heart and I'd rather go for at least friendship but I can't knock anyone who just wants to hit it and quit it.  I like Andre Lee's voice, it's smooth and sexy, the kind you'd like to hear in ballads.  Here are a few lines from "One Night Stand."

I met this girl the other night
She had a sexy body she sure was tight
She was the kind of girl that you’d like to get to know
So I asked that girl if she’d like to dance
And then she jumped right up, she took me by my hand
And we went out on the dance floor she shook that thing all along
I told that girl I’d like to take her home
And maybe later we can get it on
She told me that I couldn’t be her man
She said all she wanted to do tonight was to have a one night stand

All she wanted to do is have a one night stand
That girl said she didn’t need no man
Just a one night stand
That's all she wanted to do
She told me that I couldn’t be her man
She said all she’s looking for tonight is a one night stand

P.S. The song stops around 4:30 mark, the rest is empty space.
You will like "One Night Stand," it's a great house
party song - enjoy!
Southern Soul Paradise