Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jeff Floyd - "Lock My Door"

Have you ever been in a relationship that went so bad that your significant other got fed up and told you that it was time for you to pack your things and go?  This is what happened with Jeff Floyd.  He says that he wasn't perfect but he gave her good love and put a smile on her face.  He treated her like a lady and even though her girlfriends were trying to hit on him, he only wanted her.  This man did all he could for her but he got tired of the games and just couldn't do any more.  Jeff is so through that in the end he tells her to lock the door and put the key under the door mat, under the flower pot, or to just leave it with the next door neighbor.  Anything you have to do to turn in the keys.  Wow, that's pretty bad.  Ladies, it sound like she had a good thing, got caught up, and let this good man go - how could she?  I love Jeff Floyd - listen to his words....

You’ve been taking my love for granted
Girl I’m ‘bout to change my ways
I gave you everything you needed
Now you’re telling your friends you don’t want me
Ah, when you see me talking to another woman
You act just like you’re losing your mind
But they all know you don’t want me no more

So lock my door before you go, please turn in the keys before you go
Lock my door before you go, please turn in the keys before you go

Every time I see you
You’ve got your nose in the air
Maybe you’ve got another love
And he told you he’ll take care of you
Now if you don’t want me, let me go
I’ll be alright, this you know
Before you leave my house, please do me a favor


You don’t know what you do to me
You hurt me so bad, you hur me deep inside
Now if you don’t need me, let me go
Cause I’ll be alright, this you know
And before you leave my house
Please lock my door, lock my door

You see, you hurt me girl
When you told your friends you don’t want me no more
You lied on me, you cheated on me
And now you want to tell everybody “he ain’t no good”
But you see, let me take you back
When you came to me so many years ago
With your head hung down and your hands out
You said you’ve been hurt by love
You don’t want to be hurt no more

So I came from the heart and I told you I’d do the best I can
I ain’t perfect baby so I gave you all of me
I gave you good love, put a smile on your face
Treated you like a lady
And all of your girlfriends trying to get next to me
I turned my back, I wanted you all to myself
Didn’t want nobody else but you baby
But you wanted to act a fool, I don't understand
I'm giving up on you, I'm letting you go
I don’t need you no more
I’ve done all I can for you but it’s over
Now, if you don't want me
Let me go
I'll be alright, this you know!
Southern Soul Paradise