Monday, February 6, 2012

Sir Charles Jones - "Happy Anniversary"

Sir Charles was born in Akron, Ohio, but was raised in Birmingham, Alabama.  He is one of the younger faces on the "Southern Soul" scene but has already made a tremendous impact on the industry.  I've also read that he taught himself how to write, arrange, and produce his own music.  A very talented man!  "Happy Anniversary" is a nice ballad and I'm sure it is played a lot for wedding and other anniversaries.  These are the words of a man in love and thankful for what he has.  It is so beautiful hearing this from a man!

Seven long years I had the joy of being with you
So many good years we’ve been together, yeah
For a long time and today’s our anniversary baby
And I just want to say happy anniversary
For the many good years baby, happy anniversary
Oh I enjoyed it, happy anniversary
Happy anniversary baby
Happy anniversary

Seven long years we’ve been together
Through the storms and the rain, the joys and the pain
We’ve been together
And if I had to do it all again
I wouldn’t change one thing, baby
I’d live every day of my life with you

And I can’t see, no, living life without you
Don’t know where I would be if I had to live without you
And I pray every day and night on my knees
Lord thank you for the pretty little girl
And thank you for this day

Happy anniversary, oh Lord I do thank you
Happy anniversary
It’s me and you, you gave me my pretty little baby
Happy anniversary, happy anniversary
Happy anniversary

You see I remember the day we traded vows
I still see your father giving you away as we traded vows
And every day of my life’s been so wonderful
I don’t know what I’d do without you

And I know we’re gonna make it, make it baby
Cause I feel God has chosen us to make it baby
A life so sweet between you and me
Oh I just thank you baby for everything


Southern Soul Paradise