Sunday, February 26, 2012

Marvin Sease - "Too Good To Be With You"

Marvin said he had to sit his woman down and have a talk with her.  He tells her that he's made up his mind and leaving her because he's much too good to be with her.  In other words, she doesn't deserve him.  Well, well, well.  Girl, what did you do?

I gave you the best of my years
Stayed right there and shedded tears
Fussing at me, staying out all night long
When you know you did me wrong
Promises broken day and night
You wouldn’t do right to save your life
I can’t take no more, I've got to go
Don’t try to stop me
Cause it won’t work

I’m too good, too good to be with you
I think I’m too good, too damn good to be with you

Misery that’s all you gave
Headaches, nothing but pain
I really tried to stay with you
But you wouldn’t do nothing I asked you to
Playing games that’s all you do
You can talk the talk
But you can’t walk the walk
I’m leaving you, this time I’m gone
I think that I can make it on my own


Now, I’m not trying to cause problems in nobody’s home, no I’m not
And most of all, I’m not trying to break up nobody’s home
But I’ve got a question I want to ask everybody
Am I the only one feel like this?
If you feel the way I do, I want everybody to lift their voices
And sing with everybody else

Southern Soul Paradise