Monday, February 20, 2012

Stan Mosley - "Your Wife is My Woman"

Stan Mosley is caught in an interesting three-way dilemma here. The song starts with a guy dialing back to a phone that has called his house three times.  He's curious and wants to know who's been calling - wouldn't you want to know the same? A man answers the phone and when he asked him if he just called his house, this guy has the nerve to tell him that your wife is my woman; she sleeps with me and she sleeps with you. What??? Then he says, you're a good provider but I'm a good lover.  She needs us both, my brother, what are we gonna do?  What???  My brother!  Oh no!  And the kicker is the question, "what are we gonna do?"  I wanted him to say what do you mean, what are we gonna do?  I would love to have heard the answer to that!  I tell you, I don't quite understand it when the the other man or the other woman is willing to share with the husband or wife.  There's a problem with that picture.  But it makes a good song.  (smile)

I'm a huge Stan Mosley fan and I just love his voice.  I think you'll like this song.

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