Sunday, February 12, 2012

Willie Clayton - "Stop Running From Love"

If you've ever been hurt by love, you'll relate to this song.  Willie Clayton is a master at singing ballads and this love song is absolutely beautiful.  Stop running from love and let yourself go!  Powerful!

You say what? You don’t want to try love again?
Well baby I know how you feel
You see I’ve been hurt by love before, too
Yeah but I didn’t give up on love
You see sometime you just meet the wrong person
But don’t stop, you got to keep on keeping on
And everything will be fine

I’ve been here waiting, anticipating
Just for you to come and talk to me
I know that we belong together
You see girl, you don’t have to look no further
I’m gonna give you a special kind of love
It’s yours sweet lady, you’re a special girl

Baby stop running from love, baby stop running from love
Stop your running baby and just let yourself go

I know you’ve been hurt, I can see hurt in your eyes
But I promise you lady I’m going to treat you right
Cherish you and love every day and all through the night
I’m gonna love you baby, I’m gonna make it right yeah
I’m your king sitting on the throne
You’ll be my queen, you can have everything I own


See I told you you’d be fine if you would just let yourself go
All men are not dogs, oh yeah you’ll find a good one
In every hundred thousand left there are some good men
Just like there are some good women left

I’m gonna give you a special kind of love because you lady
You’re my special kind of girl


Simply beautiful!
Southern Soul Paradise