Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Johnnie Taylor - "What Good Is A Man"

Johnnie Taylor is one of the most amazing balladeers ever.  Yes, ever.  "What Good Is A Man" is beautiful love song that starts with him begging.  His girl has left him and although he's been calling and leaving messages, he hasn't heard from her.  Have you ever been in a situation in which you didn't miss what you had until it was gone?  Sometimes it takes losing someone you love to appreciate that person.

Your telephone‘s ringing
Ain’t nobody home
Baby I’m sorry for all I’ve done wrong
It took you leaving to open my eyes
I can’t live without you
And I realize

What good is a man if not for loving you
What good are these arms if not for holding you
In all this world, I know one thing is true
I can’t be a man if I can’t have you

I’m walking the floor
I can’t sleep at all
If you‘ve got my message then why don’t you call
Don’t tell me that it’s over
Don’t lose your desire
Whoa I’m nothing without you
Don’t put out our fire


Please listen to me
My meaning is clear
For me there is nothing if you can’t be here


In all this world, I know
one thing is true, I can't be
a man if I can't have you.
Southern Soul Paradise