Saturday, May 10, 2014

Little Milton - "That's How Strong My Love Is"

I always loved O.V. Wright's live version of "That's How Strong My Love Is" and used it as my road song - it is great traveling music. (See my post dated 1/27/2011.) But lately, I've been hearing Little Milton's version of this song and man oh man, it's awesome.  I'm not usually into remakes but this is something else.  O.V. originally recorded this song back in 1964 and did a 15-minute medley live in Japan in 1979.  Quite a few artists have redone "That's How Strong My Love Is"  and Little Milton redid it in 1973 - I love it.

Little Milton starts his monologue with a story.  He overheard a young guy who was talking to his girlfriend on the phone and says that what he's going to tell us is so soulful.  He heard the guy tell his girl: "Darling you know you mean everything to me. In fact, you’re my whole world and if ever I lost you, my whole world would be at an end."  That's some strong love.

Here are two verses that I love from this song:
If I were that sun up there
I would glow with love everywhere
I’d even be the moon
When the sun goes down
So you could see that I’m still around

If I were a fish that had been cast upon dry land
I would stay there if you would let me hold your hand
I’d even be the wind for a rolling storm
I’d stop for one moment if you would just let me walk you home

I could go on and on about the lyrics because they are so deep.  They show you just how strong love can be.

Everybody wants to be told they’re needed and loved once in awhile.
Southern Soul Paradise