Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sir Charles Jones featuring Willie Clayton - "Do You Feel"

Sir Charles Jones and Willie Clayton - a good match; their voices blend well together.  This song is a tribute to some of our southern soul legends that we've lost.

Do you feel like partying tonight
Do you feel like partying tonight

Said I worked hard all this week
And I'm ready to get on down
I'm gonna take my baby to the club and hear them sounds
Cause tonight I want to get on down
Mr. Bartender, pour me a drink
And give my baby what she wants, pour us a drink
So I can show my baby my new moves
So I can ask my baby, do she want to groove


I want to step to the left and to the right
Put my arms around my baby and hold her tight
Cause I feel so good tonight
Me and my baby looking good in white
R. Kelly playing as he struts so fine
Here comes Tyrone Davis, change my mind
Mr. Dee Jay can you play
A little Sir Charles Jones, it's Friday


Done worked up an appetite and I see
Say the club got good food for my baby and me
I've got a little fish and grits and my baby won't stay
Everything's smelling so good, everything ya'll made
Can I order a little champagne for my baby and me
Cause I really want to celebrate and I'm happy to be
With my pretty little lady all night long
And I want to party ya'll to the break of dawn
Cause I'm feeling so good ya'll and I'm feeling so right
So damn happy to be with my baby tonight


Wave your hands in the air
And wave em like you just don't care
And if you're ready to party like me and Willie Clayton
Put your hands in the air...

I'll let my grandmother get some of this groove....
Southern Soul Paradise