Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lomax - "Put It All Up In There"

I love all things Lomax!  His song "Swing It" had such a clean, fresh sound (see my post dated 8/13/2013) and I love "Put It All Up In There."  It is a great dance song with a nice beat; it has a really catchy melody. Here is a portion of his bio that I found on his Facebook page (Lomax Fan Connection):

Lomax Spaulding was born in a small town in Georgia. He began playing the guitar, the piano, and singing at a very young age. Lomax’s first exposure to public performance began in the Church. A deeply spiritual person, Lomax believes that his talent is a gift from God. (He left gospel and toured with tons of R&B groups for a few years.  He later returned to gospel for awhile.)   He wanted to broaden his horizons and began his Southern Soul experience as a guitar player on Tony Troutman’s hit, “Your Man Is Home Tonight.” Lomax worked with Mel Waiters and collaborated with him on several musical projects, such as the hit single, “Got No Curfew.” Lomax also produced and performed on the music of Charles Wilson “She Can Make It Do Something;” produced and performed on the music of Gina Brown “We’re Having A Party” and “G-Slide;” and was nominated for ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Best Record Producer’ for 2012 by the Blues Critic Awards!  Lomax is now pursuing a life long dream of recording and performing country music. He has been writing and singing country songs since the beginning, but never had the opportunity to take it to a higher level. The time has come and he is ready to share his amazing heartfelt music with the world!!

Whether he's singing gospel, R&B, southern soul, or country, Lomax is a multi-talented young man and I wish him all of the best! I am, however, hoping to hear more southern soul from him.

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