Saturday, May 28, 2011

Carl Sims - I Like This Place

I enjoy songs I can relate to and I love everything about this song.  I like music that everyone can listen to - songs you're not too embarrassed to play in front of your mom or your kids!  You know what I mean.  This is a dance song with a good beat.  All Carl wanted to do was get out of the house and relax somewhere.  He goes by this club and he could smell the food cooking so he just followed his nose.  I like when he says no teeny boppers were there and everyone was grown.  Now that's what I'm talking about!  There's nothing like finding somewhere really good; somewhere you can say, I like this place.  Here are a few words:
It wasn’t nothing but a party
You know it put a smile on my face
Good cold drinks and good music
Everything was just my taste
I like this place
And you know, I’m coming back again
I like this place
And you know, you’re gonna see me again

I love Seventeen Days and I love
this song, too!
Southern Soul Paradise