Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quinn Golden - Bottoms Up

There are really no earth shattering lyrics here, but this is a nice, mellow dance song and is great to play during any kind of party.  It's the kind of song that you'll like instantly and has a southern soul feel to it.  I like when he says that once the music hits, you've got to move your feet.  I know what he's talking about!
Here are a few lines:
We are here to have a good time
Bottoms up
Drinking liquor and sippin wine
Bottoms up
When we get mellow,
That’s when the fun begins
Bottoms up, bottoms up,
Get your booty on the dance floor
And move it any way you can

Bottoms up
And get on down
Shake that booty
All around
Bottoms up
Get on down
Shake that booty
All around...

You're going to enjoy this!
Southern Soul Paradise