Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lebrado - I'm Missing You Babe

Lebrado is one talented man!!!  I'm Missing You Babe is a tale of loss.  He has lost his woman and his life just isn't the same.  I love the opening lines when he says: "Ah girl, when I first saw your face I knew I’d never find another that would ever take your place."  And then later on, he says:  "When you packed up and walked away, there was nothing I could say; I knew I made a mistake."  Here are the lines from the chorus - I can't help but sing along with him:
I’m missing you babe
Is it too late
I miss those good old days
Before you went away

I’m missing you babe
Is it too late
I miss those good old days
When love was ok

Later on, he says…
I got tears falling from my eyes cause your love made me cry
Cause I love you when there’s no doubt that I’ve been hurting ever since you walked out on me

This is a pretty, smooth-sounding song and I really like it.  It grows on you and sooner or later it gets under your skin!  (smile)

Southern Soul Paradise