Sunday, May 15, 2011

Omar Cunningham - The Beauty Shop

Omar Cunningham's been singing for awhile and this is my favorite song of his.  It's really a song about what happens when you tell your business to your so-called friends.  His girlfriend comes home mad one day and this is what she has to say:

Just the other day, I was out getting my hair done
And in came a woman, she started talking to me
About who’s doing good and who’s doing bad
What they got and what they had
And I finally realized she was talking about me
Now how in the hell did this get out
What’s going on inside my house
Somebody’s been talking
And it sho wasn’t me

This song has a beautiful southern soul melody.  I love Omar’s running commentary throughout the song.  He is right on time with every comment he makes.  My all-time favorite one is when he says, “See, that sounds like something your mama would have said.”  Here's the chorus:

The beauty shop is putting our business all in the street
Talking about us, talking about you, talking about me.

This song has a good message.  Whatever happens in your house, let it stay there!
Southern Soul Paradise