Saturday, November 26, 2011

Latimore - "Around The World"

What a great black-lights-in-the-basement song!  I know you remember Latimore from "Let's Straighten It Out."  Have you ever heard him perform that live?  Wow, he is something else.  He doesn't mind letting you know that just because his hair is gray, he still has it - and he certainly does!  "My Give A Damn Gave Out" (see my post dated August 20, 2011) was a great comeback hit for him and "Around The World" is fantastic.  In the chorus, he said that she took him around the world without leaving the room!  Woohooo!

He starts the first verse by saying that he was respectful, she was so polite, and that making love to her wasn’t on his mind tonight.  Here's the second verse:
She massaged my shoulders and rubbed my back
She said here’s a little something to help you relax
She gave me a taste of that gin and juice
Then that woman turned me every way but loose

I have always loved Latimore.  You'll
enjoy this great slow dance song.
Southern Soul Paradise