Friday, November 4, 2011

Peggy Scott Adams - "Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong"

Peggy Scott Adams tells a story like no one else!  We have a case where a woman calls Mr. Jody because she's lonely and needs some help.  Her old man isn't giving her what she needs and even though Jody has other women lined up, he'll be more than happy to help her.  If you listen to the words of the chorus, she hits the nail on the head - if her man doesn't want her, another man will.  I love Peggy Scott Adams and I love this song.  Check out the words and sing along with her!

When I’m in the mood, my old man is not
I toss and turn, yearn and burn
Can’t sleep when I’m hot
Every time I try to turn him on
He turns his back and says leave me alone

If Mr. Right won’t get it
I’ll betcha Mr. Wrong will be more than glad to hit it
If Mr. Right has no desire
I’m gonna let Mr. Wrong set this thing on fire

I want to be a do-right woman
But my patience is shonuff running out
You see, I’ve got a feeling that he’s out there getting
What he’s making me stay at home and doing without

Feels like my body is about to explode
I need relief from this mother lode, yes I do ya’ll
When a woman’s needs are being denied at home
She’s got to go somewhere else and try to get it on

Oh well, what is a girl to do
When she needs to be used and she’s being refused
Here’s what I’m telling you
A girlfriend of mine had to call on Jody
Cause her old man never wants to get it on
Guess what, she found out what she got from Jody
Was better than anything she ever got at home

Fellas, you're in trouble if your woman has to
go in search of Jody!  And when she finds out
that he's giving her more than what
she's getting at home, it just might be too late!
Southern Soul Paradise