Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lacee - "I Ran A Good Man Away"

Like Tyrone Davis, we have all been in a situation where we have wished that we could turn back the hands of time!  I know I have! Lacee said she knows she made a mistake and ran a good man away.  Let me tell you that a good man is hard to find!  If you have one, treat him right and he'll be good to you.

I want to tell ya’ll how I ran a good man away
I meant this guy who showed me things, things I’ve never seen
The man was so good to me, he treated me just like a queen
This man was so good to me, kind as could be
He never said a mumbling word, just took in me and my family

I ran a good man away, I know I made a mistake.
I ran a good man away, he aint’coming home to stay

You see, I came with a lot of baggage from my past
I had been with a few other guys who mistreated me so bad
But there was one other guy, just stayed in my head
He really didn’t mean me no good, he was just good in bed
So here it was ladies, lying to my man at home
Going behind his back to be with the man that
I never did me wrong (not sure of this line)

One day he pulled up in his car, saw me with the other guy
He said he had followed me for quite some time
And he drove away with tears in his eyes

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