Friday, November 18, 2011

Denise LaSalle - "Going Through Changes"

How can you deny that Denise LaSalle is the Queen of Soul when you listen to her music?  She is one of my favorite female southern soul singers.  She's been putting out great music for years and one of her songs that I wanted to post was "Home Wrecker" but I couldn't find it on youtube.  I did, however, find "Going Through Changes" which I love.  (I like her 'shoop.') Listen to the intro - it's definitely gospel and makes you feel as if you're in church!  In this story, her man is just so tired of being mistreated and putting up with all the mess he's been dealing with.  With tears in his eye, the last words he said before he walked out the door was that he's tired of going through changes with her.  He's tired of fussing and fighting and just can't take it anymore.  Ladies, listen to these words.  If you've got a good man like this one, treat him right.  Trust me, if you don't, someone else surely will.

I’m tired of going through changes with you
I’m tired of going through changes with you

Every time I take you out you embarrass me so
Accusing me of every woman I know
And when we get home baby I have to fight all night long
I don’t know when I’m doing right or when I’m doing wrong

Lately baby when I go out alone
I get so depressed now baby I don’t even want to come home
Your favorite greeting for me when I walk through the door
I know you’ve been out running around with your Ms. So and So

I heard you baby, let’s sit down and talk it out
Try to find out baby what our love is all about
But every time we talk we wind up in a shouting match
You jump in bed, you cover your head, and you turn your back

I tried to be a good man, give you most of my time
I gave you my money, took care of your kids
And they ain’t even mine
I really do love you baby, but I just can’t take no more
So before we destroy each other, I’d rather pack my bags and go

Don't throw a good man away!
Southern Soul Paradise