Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sir Charles Jones - "Just Like Fire"

Sir Charles Jones has an unmistakable, timeless, silky smooth sound.  His ballads are so pretty and his up tempo songs are really good.  He has quite a few popular songs out such as "Take Care of Momma,"  "It's Friday," "Just Can't Let Go," and so much more.  Did you know that J. Blackfoot (Taxi) is his uncle?  Talent definitely runs in the family.  "Just Like Fire," to me, is one of those cool/laid back songs where he tells his girl that he's hooked on her and she drives him crazy.  He can't explain and he can't maintain.  Sounds like the man's in love!

Just like fire burning in me girl
Just like fire
Just like fire burning in me girl
Just like fire

The way you whipped that thing girl
Drives me so crazy
The way you move it, ooh please don’t lose it
There can never be another, no no baby,
The way you love me sometimes girl I can’t explain
Cause I’m hooked on you my girl I can’t maintain


Sometimes I start to shaking
And I call out your name
I say baby, please take it easy
Cause you know how to please me
The way you love me girl sometimes I can’t explain
Cause I ‘m hooked on you sometimes I can’t maintain

Just like fire
Running over me
Just like fire
Baby, can’t you see what you do to me
Just like fire burning in me
Just like fire
Can’t explain it, can’t maintain it
Hooked on you, don't know what to do.
Just like fire!
Southern Soul Paradise