Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Johnnie Taylor - "Last Two Dollars"

I can put on a Johnny Taylor CD, start listening to track 1, and let the entire CD play from beginning to end - and then repeat.  I haven't written about JT in awhile and I think I'm going through withdrawal!  "Last Two Dollars" was on his "Good Love" CD and every single song is great. In this song, Johnnie Taylor tells a story about a lady in the casino who wants to borrow two dollars.  Looks like she's lost just about everything and says that she's going to spend one of those dollars on bus fair (she's got to get home) and the other on the jukebox (gotta have her down home music - I can relate!).  Another awesome record by Johnnie Taylor!

A lady at the casino
She lost all her money
She said don’t feel sorry for me
Don’t feel sorry, honey
But if you want to do a lady a favor
Here’s what I want you to do
Just loan me two dollars
Until the next time I see you

But these last two dollars
I’m not gonna lose
These last two dollars
I’m not gonna lose
One’s going for my bus fair
The other one’s for the jukebox
To hear me some blues
I’ve got to hear me some blues

Said I wouldn’t be over here
If my man had been treating me right
I came here to try to catch him here
Cause he’s been sneakin around every night
But I caught up over here
Got caught up in this scene
And I put all of my money
In that doggone gambling machine

What an amazing man!
Miss you JT!
Southern Soul Paradise