Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vick Allen - "If They Can Beat Me Rockin' (They Can Have My Chair)"

"If They Can Beat Me Rockin', They Can Have My Chair" sounds like one of those cryptic phrases your grandmother or your uncle said but you just didn't understand until you got older.  You know what I mean?  (smile)  Vick says that he's good at what he does and nobody can beat him.  There just aren't too many men that can do what he does.  Go on with your bad self!

Vick Allen has an unmistakable voice and I enjoy his music.  My all-time favorite though is "I'm Hooked" - she's got me hooked, like she done put a root on me! I love that song and I'll post it as soon as someone puts it on youtube.  In the meantime, listen to the words and the message of "If They Can Beat Me Rockin'!"

I heard about my lady, been sneakin around
I heard it in the barbershop and all over town
So I asked her, is it any truth to it
She said “If you didn’t catch me, then I didn’t do it”
I know you’re cheatin but they can’t do me like me
When it comes to making love I know how to please
You try to be a little player but I don’t care
Cause if they can beat me rockin, they can have my chair

If they can beat me rockin, they can have my chair
Say ain’t too many men that can do what I do out there
I like to take it slow, slow and easy
I’m good at what I do and nobody can beat me

Now he may be younger, I don’t doubt it
But the old man, girl I still got it
I can work it in the middle
Stroke it with a motion
I can bring that fire when I get the notion
So go on and do you, baby that’s fine
Cause when you leave there’s two more in line
I ain’t trying to brag, no, but I do what I do
I can do for someone else what I did for you

Now you may think you’re the slickest thing in town
But I done caught you messing around
I don’t want to hear nothing cause I heard it all before
Cause I been there, done that a long long time ago

I knew when you started because something about you changed
Started talking under your breath and stopped wearing your ring
But now you can go on because you and I are through
I know he can’t do the things I did for you

Southern Soul Paradise