Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jesse Graham - "Mr. Mailman"

I turn the volume up every time I hear this song. I absolutely adore the intro music.  Poor Jesse, he's been working all day and gets the mail when he gets home.  After reading a letter from his girl, he tells the mailman that it's not his's a Dear John letter and can he please send it back.  I just think it's wrong to chicken out and send a man a Dear John letter telling him that you're sorry it ended this way.  Come on ladies, unless there's abuse involved, this ought to be a face-to-face discussion.  The mailman, all he can do is apologize and say Jesse, I'm sorry.  But this letter has your name on it and this is your address. 

I absolutely love the melody, lyrics, and everything about this song.  Here's the chorus:

Mr. Mailman, you brought the wrong mail
Mr. Mailman, now I know this can’t be my mail
Good music!
Southern Soul Paradise